Bangkok Terminal with various effective transport systems will form the "backbone" of the transport network in Bangkok. It will contribute to the sustainable economic development for the city and the people of Bangkok or the country as a whole. It will be an interchange location for shifting from private vehicles to public transport, including MRTs by utilizing its "Park and Ride" facilities of over 8,000 parking spaces. As a result, the uses of private vehicles will be reduced. In addition, approximately 6,000 inter-city buses per day and a considerable number of taxis will be able to access to the Terminal using elevated roads without causing traffic jams on the surface roads as currently experienced. Substantial economic and social benefits which will result from the implementation of the Bangkok Terminal include:

It is an important fact to note that, so far, Bangkok has no modern inter-modal terminal in spite of its high population and traffic gridlock.

In order to enable Bangkok to progress and prosper towards the new millennium through achieving the targets of the National Plan,

the development of the Bangkok Terminal is a must.
Direct Benefits
Ease of personal mobility within the northern
Improvement in punctuality.
Saving in urban travel times and transport
Indirect Benefits
Reduction of environmental impacts
Create job opportunities.
Improvement in living conditions.
Improve attractiveness of the city for citizens
  and tourists.
To be an example of sustainable transport

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